There has been a trend in software development to present non-code artifact via plain text, often called ASCII. Because ASCII has been the most used encoding, and it became part of Unicode, and UTF-8 has the exactly the same codes.

ASCII usage has been extended for general graphics, often called AsciiArt (see, and UML, e.g.

PlantUML is the most rich. TextUML is for class diagrams only. For web tool for sequence diagram see and (PlantUML syntax) with additional drag-n-drop of image elements on the right side.

Tooling for PlantUML

Prerequisite. For local preview you need to download/install Graphviz.
And possibly GRAPHVIS_DOT environment variable having full path and name to dot executable.


IDEA (Ultimate and CE) has Markdown plugin that can have PlantUML support enabled. In the Settings/Preferences dialog ⌘,, select Languages & Frameworks | Markdown. ( However that will do only sequence diagram, and for all other types of diagram install “PLantUML integration” plugin.


This mini-site provides Eclipse update site under
and marketplace entry Drag onto running Eclipse main toolbar. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client, that includes 2 plugins:


Several, e.g. ( )

Atom & VSCode


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